Tomorrow's suburb

Nærheden will be a prime example of the sustainable suburb of the future. The new city district will offer many opportunities to achieve high quality of life based on a healthy lifestyle, communities and a range of activities in and outside of the city district.

Nærheden will be a high-density city district containing a number of quarters with a variation of residences on two-three floors. The new city district will be connected to the existing town of Hedehusene by a recreational loop in which residents can be active, socialise and get around on foot or by bike.  

Everyday life is smart and easy

NærHeden will offer a range of practical solutions that will make everyday life smart and easy for residents. For example, it will be easy to get rid of garbage, easy to borrow a car, easy to get around in the neighbourhood and easy to go in to Copenhagen. In 2021, the municipality of Hoeje-Taastrup will open a new municipal primary and lower secondary school in Nærheden. The school will be a main driving force behind the creation of urban life in the new city district. In addition to the school, NærHeden will establish a common house with a selection of shared facilities and room for sport, culture and events.


Activities in pipeline


  • Construction of infrastructure and housing 
  • Shared outdoor kitchen


  • The first residents moving in
  • Construction activities



  • Bridge across the railway track between Hedehusene og Nærheden
  • Opening of new municipality school